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VillageDukaan which is trading under Vaishnavi VillageDukaan E-Commerce Private Limited is a startup opened in November 2017. We started selling products at the company address from 2nd May 2018 and the website is going live now to our customers in and around Rajahmundry. We are launching in Rajahmundry to test the whole idea and eventually launch our services to other major cities/towns of Andhra Pradesh

Our goal is to connect farmers to our customers living in cities, which in turn will help our local communities to grow. We want to support local farmers by giving them the best price while buying the products from them and then sell them to customers by adding small margin to the price to meet our operational costs. This will also help our customers get products for a better price, thus reducing their monthly costs on their daily products

Village Story #1:

Story of a Farmer who produces Thati bellam

Village Story #2: Atreyapuram Farmer

Story of a Farmer who produces Kova

Village Story #3: Mission 2020

Chapter 1

Village Story #4: Women Power

Four Women from Modduru started their own company. This is their story

Village Story #5: SweetStroke

Helping Farmers with the help of a Local Startup

Village Story #6: Ravulapalem Pot Biryani

Village Product

Village Story #7: Ravulapalem Pot Transport

Village Product

Village Story #8: Amma Avvakaya

Village Product

Village Story #9: Kandriga Kova

Village Product

Village Story #10: Hardwork!


Village Story #11: Local Communities

Local Communities

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